Secondary School

At Simba Secondary, we continue in the hallmark of holistic education, giving each child the opportunity to harness the most essential soft skills in an evolving world and in a day and age earmarked by the Fourth Digital Revolution.

Therefore, while the traditional hard skills of the attainment of a school certificate or of proficiency in a foreign language or of learning to operate technology are given due credit, the paradigm shift towards the harnessing and eventual attainment of soft skills is also paramount in the education of our children. Therefore, the classroom is important, but development beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom is equally, if not more important. In fact, the mantra, education does not begin when you open a book or end when you close one; it begins when you open a mind and it continues as long as you keep that mind open is a mantra that the students have learnt to accept as part of their learning philosophy. Every experience, opportunity, task and conversation can be treated as a unique learning experience. This is the underlying ethos of education within the secondary school.

Students are encouraged to be much more than bookworms. They are encouraged to pursue collaboration, communication, innovation, critical thinking, and the spirit of enquiry. Our children are therefore encouraged to pursue the International Youth Award under the banner of the Duke of Edinburgh. Students are also encouraged to participate in an annual school production, an integrated exhibition, a talent show and a World Heritage Day so that a Simba student can assimilate a well-balanced amalgam of academic, social, emotional and cultural intelligence.

Active learning is encouraged; the spirit of enquiry is stimulated and the process of producing a critical thinker is more important than the mere acquisition of knowledge. We no longer live in a global economy where the reproduction of knowledge is tantamount; we live in fluid, ‘glocal’ economies where the understanding, the assumptions and the delineation of knowledge are more important than knowledge. We do not need to know what is, how it is or where it is: we need to know what we can do with it, how it can change our lives and where we can propel ourselves in time and space. It deals not with questions that need answers, but answers that need new questions; it deals not with understanding an idea, but in generating new ideas based on our understanding of old ones; it deals not with statistics and numbers, but with the people who make those statistics and numbers possible. To prepare our students to be active participants in this ever-evolving framework is our permanent goal.

The students are organised into three houses named after antelopes which are significant in the wildlife of Zambia. Each student is allocated a house upon enrolment and he/she remains a member of that house until he/she leaves Simba International School. Inter-House events are a regular occurrence at Simba promoting team spirit.

At Simba Secondary, it is the individual, not the name; the character, not the candidate; the person, not the student; the holistic human being that is our concern.

With a friendly and conducive atmosphere, a vibrant outlook, a challenging focus, a gregarious student body and an experienced cohort of teachers, we welcome you to the Simba Secondary School: where good things are made by good people with good intentions for the overall good of tomorrow’s world.

Simba Secondary: tomorrow is at today’s doorstep!