Secondary Faculty

Ms. Gladys M Musamba

 Head of Secondary 

2 years with Simba

"Education is at the core of every society's development. I am thrilled to play a part in moulding young people to achieve their full potential, step out confidently to play a significant role in society and the world.."

Ms. Diana Lumano 

CAIE Examinations Officer 

18 years with Simba International School 

"Don't watch the clock; Do what it does. Keep going."


Elizabeth Renaux

Head of Department - Languages

English Language, Literature & Psychology Teacher

15 years with Simba

"I love teaching because I believe it creates an impact in the lives of my students."

Ms. Regina Daka

English Teacher 

6 years with Simba International School

“I love to teach - it takes a big heart to help shape young minds.”

Miss Nongiwe Jere

English & History Teacher - Lower Secondary 

4 years with Simba

“Teaching English and history ignites my passion for storytelling and communication. Helping students dig into different viewpoints, dive into the past, and express themselves in English is immensely rewarding. Witnessing their growth in critical thinking and communication skills is why I love what I do.”

Mr. Bernard Munyoka

French Teacher - Upper Secondary

Second year with Simba

“I embraced the path of a maker, for in the hearts of teachers, worlds are forged and futures take shape.”

Mr. Edward Matanda

French & English Teacher - Lower Secondary

First year with Simba

“I love teaching because I m like a hand that gives and blessed is a hand that gives.”


Mr. Honest Chisha

Head of Department – Humanities

Geography Teacher

19 years with Simba International School

Over and above, endeavour to use your skills, knowledge,

and experience to make your students succeed.


Mrs. Anjana Gopikrishna

Head of Department - Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Physics Teacher - (IGCSE & AS Level)

11 years with Simba International School 

“I enjoy being a helpful hand to the learners”

Mrs. Sharada Sawant

Physics & Mathematics Teacher

First year with Simba International School

 "I LOVE TEACHING. My students motivate me to be the best I can be, and by doing that, I contribute to helping them become the best they can be for themselves."

Mr. Job Isaac

Biology Teacher - IGCSE & AS/A LEVEL

17 years at Simba International School

"The one thing that's always stood out to me in all these years, is the ability to play different roles: counsellor, guide, leader, motivator and a confidante to each of my students. It’s an honour to mould young lives and watch them reach their highest potential with a team of like-minded individuals."

Mr. Wilson Chomba

Chemistry Teacher -  IGCSE & AS/A LEVEL 

6 years with Simba

“I love teaching because it makes me proud

meeting former students who have made it in life.”

Mrs. Lorna Renaux

General Science & Biology Teacher

2 years with Simba International School

 "I love teaching because there is never a dull moment being in the company of young minds. I learn from them as much as I teach them.


Mr. Jeremiah Phiri 

Mathematics & Additional Mathematics Teacher

7 Years with Simba International School

Professional and Creative

Vicky Coetzee

Head of Department - Arts 

Art Teacher

4 years with Simba International School. 

"I love teaching art and drawing the creative streak out of children."

Mr. Chola Kasongo 

Head of Department - Sports 

Physical Education Teacher

18 years with Simba International School. 

"I love to teach Physical Education because it contributes

to a child's healthy mind and healthy body!" love what I 

Ms Chitalu Mukosha   

Business Studies Teacher - IGCSE & AS/A LEVEL

8 Years with Simba International School 

"Seeing students finally make a breakthrough and understand a concept they've been struggling with.

 The "aha" moment is very satisfying to me!"

Miss Sildencia C. Munsha

Economics and Accounting Teacher  

2 years with Simba International School

"I enjoy teaching as it is a career which helps children with enlightenment on how to live and contribute positively to the world. As a teacher for economics and accounting, I believe I groom leaders and future elders who will be key to critical decision making in the corporate world and the society. A better world starts with good education."

Miss Wansuwila Nambela

First year with Simba International School

 DT and Food & Nutrition Teacher - Lower and Upper Secondary

 "Teaching is the  greatest profession on earth; it is noble and no one can have a profession without passing through the hands of a teacher. Since the age of fifteen, it has always been my calling." 

Mr. Mutale Ngosa

2 years with Simba International School

 ICT Teacher

 "Every individual human being has the ability to learn, and it is the right of every individual to an education." 

Mr. Biasho Lusambo  

Design and Technology Teacher 

2 years at Simba International School

"My God given talent is to share and impart knowledge and practical problem solving skills into learners for their future integration into the global community. It gives me satisfaction to see them excel." love what I 

Mr. Chali Lunda

ICT Teacher - Form 1

6 years with Simba International School

 "I am very passionate about my subject because it makes me think outside the box. My mind is not limited to the same ideas but always looking forward to invent new things; I am that living example to the learners."